Tips For Growing Watermelon

Growing watermelon can be a satisfying experience if you love gardening, and also if you love the fruit. Nothing is more pleasurable than growing your favorite fruit and eating it. One of the best qualities of watermelon is that it is an ideal summer fruit.

It can quench your thirst, fill your stomach, nourish the body and also it is delicious to eat. With so many qualities put together in one fruit, one can hardly resist it.Growing a watermelon is simple, and you need to just give it some basic care. However, here are some tips that can polish your watermelon growing skills.

Select a large area of land under direct sunlight for growing watermelons. One watermelon can actually become very huge. If you let it grow, it can become as big as a basket ball and it can weigh close to hundred pounds.

Do not go looking for seeds. Buy a good, ripe and big fruit. This way, you will get hundreds of seeds. Just dry the seeds out completely and then use them to grow your watermelon plants.

If you are trying to grow watermelon for the first time, then germinate the seeds in a pot inside the house. When the vine is about two inches tall, transplant it to your garden. Prepare the soil with a rich layer of fertilizer before you plant the seeds or transplant.

Hold each seed between your thumb and index finger and push it into the soil with your hand and make sure it is at least one inch deep. Plant each seed at least six feet apart so that the watermelon has enough room to grow. Fruits should not touch each other.

Do not give support through sticks and poles to the watermelon vine.

Make sure you water the plant only when the soil is dry enough. In case it rains, then do not water it until the plant needs more water.