When To Pick Watermelon ?

If you are growing a watermelon patch and you  have several watermelons growing, you should also know when it is the right  time to pick your fruit.

The average watermelon takes about 30 days to ripen on  the vine. It could take slightly longer also. However, you should judge by  looking for signs of ripening.When you look at the watermelon and you see a  lot of white patches, then avoid plucking it. It will be still very raw on the  inside. Gently pick it up from the ground without damaging the connecting stem  and feel the weight. If it is light, then there is no water and you will need  to wait longer for picking it.

Also, gently scratch a tiny bit of the external  skin of the watermelon. If the color is a yellow and green or white mixed with  green, then it could be ripe. The best parameter is to weigh it on your hand to  check the water content.

These are some additional signs you can use to  judge. Look at the tip of the fruit where it is joined to the vine. There will  be a round yellow and white spot. This means that the fruit is ready to be picked.  Once the spot appears, the fruit starts turning yellow which means it is over  ripening. Another way to tell when watermelon is ready for picking is by  looking at the shape of the watermelon. It should not be bulged on one side  like a belly. Instead it should have a ball like shape.